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Virgin Gorda provides the perfect getaway for a truly relaxing vacation filled with basking in the sun, swimming in clear waters, and mingling with the friendly locale. With its laid-back environment, great yachting, diving, and snorkeling spots, and lovely beach-side villas, this island attracts people from all over the world.

In the past, Virgin Gorda mostly relied on agriculture. In the 1960's, Lawrence Rockefeller established the famous Little Dix Bay Resort, a luxurious place that offers something fun for everyone. With the resort facing a lovely sandy beach, guests play tennis, windsurf, swim, and sun at their leisure while restaurants serve famously good food.

Other great beaches include the trio at Nail Bay, ideal spots for beginner snorklers. To escape the day-time crowds, visit Savannah Bay and Spring Bay Beach for somewhere more secluded.

In 1493, Christopher Columbus named this island Virgin Gorda, or "Fat Virgin", because of its unique topography: the Gorda Peak protrudes from the center of the island like a belly while the rock formations at the Baths in the south resemble toes. Today, these "toes" attract swimmers, divers, and snorklers everywhere with their distinctive shapes. A series of boulders, some measure bigger than houses and contain many grottos where all sorts of marine life make their home. Some rocks grow close enough form clear, cool pools between each other, perfect for underwater exploring. Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda's main settlement, lies nearby. This peaceful, welcoming place offers shops and boutiques and some car-rental agencies.

If you feel adventurous, hike a trail at the Virgin Gorda Peak National Park. These lead you up to the highest point, the "belly" of the island at 1,359 feet. An observation tower stands at the top, great for a 360 degree view.

With serene beaches, great sun, and cool grottos for exploring, this island creates a lovely retreat for anyone wishing to unwind. Visit the Little Dix Bay Resort for a good time, or do some quiet shopping in Spanish town. Travel to Virgin Gorda today to rest, enjoy, and explore!

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